Are you 55+ and looking to get more active?  We can help!

We have been training the more mature age group for many years and our classes are designed for the more mature bodies.
You will be training with personal trainers who are experienced with training more mature bodies and this is really important.  We 100% know and understand that if you are 55 or above you shouldn’t be trained like a 20 year old.

Our classes focus on balance, flexibility, mobility and strength.  You’ll meet other like minded people in your own age group and what’s better is that we’ll train you without hurting you.

We aren’t a gym – we’re better!   We have a studio that allows us to train small groups and we will supervise you closely because we don’t want to hurt you.
The classes are a strictly non-glamour zone AND we keep classes affordable for you at a reduced and flat rate of $10 per class.  Sound good?

For more information call Miranda on 0434 401 750
View our current class timetable

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