Potato Feta & Herb Frittata

Potato Feta & Herb Frittata

Prep 0 hours
Cook 0 hours
Ready-in 0 hours


250g potatoes, scrubbed clean
85g baby spinach
5 eggs
1 tablespoon fresh dill, plus extra to garnish
1 tablespoon fresh chives, plus extra to garnish
115g feta cheese, crumbled
10g butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
sea salt & pepper


  1. Steam potatoes until tender, set aside to cool
  2. Wilt spinach in steamer, or stir fry lightly, cool
  3. Slice potatoes into 5mm thick slices
  4. Squeeze any excess water from spinach
  5. Place eggs in a bowl and lightly beat or whisk.
  6. Add dill & chives & whisk until combined, then season with pepper and salt and add 3/4 crumbled feta
  7. Preheat the gril to medium high / or oven to 180 degrees
  8. Heat butter and oil together in a large frying pan until butter is melted and foaming.
  9. Add the potatoes and spinach and cook, stirring, for 1 minute
  10. Pour in egg mixture over potatoes, mix lightly in pan 2 minutes or until half set, let cook without stirring until set & golden brown on bottom (2-3 minutes)
  11. Sprinkle remaining feta over the top and place under grill or in oven until cooked and golden brown on top
  12. Sprinkle with remaining herbs and serve hot or cold