"Healthier" Thai Chicken Penang Curry

"Healthier" Thai Chicken Penang Curry

This is a healthier version of a traditional thai favourite with loads of vegetables!

Prep 0 hours
Cook 0 hours
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500g chicken breasts
1 medium onion
Cooking spray/oil
1 teaspoon crushed garlic
1 teaspoon crushed/grated fresh ginger
1 cup green beens cut in half
1 cup sliced zucchini
1 cup sliced red capsicum
1 cup cauliflower florets
1 cup broccoli florets
3 teaspoons penange curry paste (in jar)
2 teaspoons fish sauce
1 tablespoon sugar/stevia
1 tablespoon fresh basil
2 tablespoons cornflour (or other thickener of your choice, like arrowroot)
1 x 375ml can evoporated light milk
2 teaspoons coconut essence
3-4 kaffir lime leaves (this is what gives a penang curry it's true flavour)


  1. Cut chicken into thin strips
  2. Cut onion into quarters then slice thinly
  3. Generously coat a large wok or frying pan with cooking spray of your choice (olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil etc..)
  4. Saute garlic, ginger and chicken until chicken is just cooked through
  5. Remove chicken from pan and leave to one side
  6. Coat wok or pan again with cooking spray
  7. Saute onion and all other vegetables for approx 2 minutes
  8. Add penang paste (additional teasp if you like it hot) and cook for 3-5 minutes until vegetables are just tender
  9. Add fish sauce, sugar/stevia and basil.
  10. Add cooked chicken back into the pan
  11. Add slightly crushed kaffir lime leaves (crushed in your hands)
  12. In a small mixing bowl combine conflour, evaporated milk and coconut essence
  13. Pour into pan with other ingredients and stir continuously until thickened but without boiling
  14. Leave to infuse flavours of kaffir lime leaves for a few minutes (or longer) without boiling
  15. Serve with basmatic rice - major yum!