If you’re looking to exercise or improve your fitness and you’re over 60 – that’s our specialty!

Yes – we really do specialize in exercise with the 60+ demographic and we LOVE it!  Come and enjoy our low to moderate intensity classes that are specifically designed and programmed for YOUR body.  These classes focus on improving your balance, flexibility and mobility as well as improving your general levels of fitness.  We also ensure that you will be doing exercises that help improve bone density.  Sounds good?

Did we mention that we enjoy listening to disco music and just having a laugh while we’re improving our fitness?  None of this serious straight faced boot-camping stuff.  We are committed to keeping you fit, healthy and active for as long as possible.

If you’re on the north side of Brisbane (from Samford across to McDowall) why not come along and try one of our classes?  We’re friendly, down to earth and most of all we’re committed to helping reach your goals.
We have JOY (over 60s classes – Just Older Youth) at Arana Hills and Samford twice weekly, so if you’d like to get more flexible and have better balance then give us a call or book into a class today using our easy to use booking system on our website!

For more information call Miranda on 0434 401 750
View our current class timetable

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