We want to encourage all Mums to get back into an exercise program that’s SAFE – this is important stuff

As a new Mum your body has just been through an amazing transformation.  So it’s vitally important that all new Mums are aware that they need to take special precautions before launching back into exercise.   We are passionate about ensuring that women look after their bodies both during and after pregnancy.

As a new Mum it is critically important that you are supported and supervised by an accredited Personal Trainer that has specific and specialist qualifications in training pre and post natal women.

If you are at home doing 50 sit ups a day thinking this will help you get rid of your “mummy belly”  we beg you to stop this immediately.  This is not an exercise you should be doing. There are many exercises that new Mums should avoid altogether and others that will be of great benefit for your posture, strength and pelvic floor

It’s not about just looking good on the outside – we are passionate about helping you to rebuild from the inside out.  We want to help Mums not only feel great about their bodies but to get back into shape in a safe and sustainable manner. 

We have honest and open conversations with our Mums about issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation and discuss symptoms of more serious concerns such as prolapses.   We aren’t being alarmist or trying to scare Mums – we want to arm our mums with as much information as we can provide.  We are also aligned with a womens physiotherapist in the local area so we have all the extra tools and support Mums need if required.


Please refer to our class timetable for Mum and Bub classes and times.



Mum Power Samford – an outdoor group exercise class for Mums with bubs

This class is designed and programmed exclusively for Mums with Bubs.
As a Mum you can come along with your baby or toddler to a fun outdoor exercise class and exercise with other Mums.  Sound like fun?  It is!

You can enjoy a friendly and supportive environment with other Mums while regaining fitness and strength. Enhance PT is comprised of experienced female trainers only. We’re all about the power and strength of the sisterhood!  This means that as a  Mum you can exercise in a safe, compassionate and non-judgemental environment with other women.

Mum Power classes are held outdoorsWe go through a circuit-type program with Mum-specific exercises that focus on strengthening the core and pelvic floor as well as strengthening your butt, arms and back, assisting you with posture correction and (of course) help with your general fitness. As a new Mum we will ensure that you are always guided by an accredited Personal Trainer who has specialist qualifications in pre and post natal training.

Mum Power classes are held weekly at Samford Village.  For times and venues please refer to our class timetable.


We care about our Mums

Mum Power Arana Hills – Bring Your Little One!

That’s why we’re happy for you to bring your little ones along to any of our 9am or 9.30am week day classes.

We don’t offer a creche or babysitting services as we we want to keep our classes affordable and accessible.  We can offer a safe undercover environment with excellent off street parking and clean toilet facilities.

Arana Hills classes are held at the All Saints Church “undercroft” area.  This area is carpeted and flat with plenty of space for them  to set up a “nest” while you exercise.  We even have some children join in the classes (in a limited capacity).

So if you’re having difficulties find the time to exercise and having to choose between a babysitter or exercise, we’re here to help you out.  We’d love to have you along to one of our “Mum Power” group classes where you will be made to feel welcome and be supported by one of our experienced female trainers.

Mum Power Arana Hills classes are marked with ** on our class timetable.

Please note that we are not a boot camp.
We will be happy to refer you to our colleagues who offer these services.



Reserve your place with our easy to use online booking system.



Do you have a Mum’s group who get together at a particular time each week but want to do some regular exercise with some friends? Are you a senior who has a group of friends who want to increase their strength and balance? Is your  workplace willing to sponsor a weekly group class session at your place of work? Private or specialised group fitness classes are available by request. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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Get fit, meet people, have fun, strengthen your body and feel energised!

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