Have you ever wondered about the difference between doing personal training session and attending a group exercise class?

GROUP FITNESS classes are a great starting point if you’re looking to get back into a regular exercise regime.
1.  It’ affordable
2.  There are multiple training styles available to you from different trainers
3.  There’s an energy in group classes that is great for your motivation
4.  You’ll meet like minded people and make some new friends who are all on the same journey as yourself

1.  You will outline your specific goals and a program will be tailored to meet your specific goal
2.  You will see benefits sooner as your program is designed for YOU
3.  You will have 100% attention from your trainer who will correct your form perhaps more than in a group class (avoiding injuries)
4.  Break through plateaus and keeps you accountable
5. Makes you accountable and challenges you to be better

Ultimately the choice is yours – either option will get you up and moving and a little be done often will have you seeing results sooner than you think!


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