There are a variety of group classes across the week – circuit training, cardio workout, boxing, core strength and yoga.

All classes are designed to challenge all muscles of the body in a functional manner and can be adapted to suit any level of fitness or ability. We will only ever encourage you to a safe level. You can choose how hard you push yourself. Our trainers change the routines in each class so that no two classes are the same. This will ensure you have fun, you won’t get bored and you are continually challenging your body. We take pride in nurturing each individual to improve on their own previous best.

The majority of our classes are currently held at the All Saints Church Hall and Grounds at Cobbity Cresent Arana Hills (opposite the Arana Hills Library).

JOY (Just Older Youth 55+) classes are currently held in two different locations:

1. Samford – Samford Scout annex (at the back of the scout den) at 62 Cash Avenue Nth, Samford.

2. Arana Hills – 86 Cobbity Cresent Arana Hills (opposite the Arana Hills Library).

We are always adding new classes so please check our schedule for any new additions or changes.


Our group classes are all by pre-booking only and numbers are limited. This allows our trainers to give you the highest degree of personal attention. Everybody in the class has been a beginner and that makes our group dynamics very accepting, encouraging and comfortable.
Please note that we are not a boot camp.
We will be happy to refer you to our colleagues who offer these services.

information for parents

Child-Friendly Group Classes

We want to encourage all mums to get back into an exercise program.
That’s why we are happy for you to bring your children along to ANY of our classes. We don’t offer a creche or babysitting service but we can offer a safe environment with excellent off-street parking and toilet facilities.

The majority of our classes are held at the All Saints Church “undercroft.” This area is carpeted and flat with plenty of space for them or you to set up a “nest” while you exercise. We even have some children join in the session (in a limited capacity.)

So if you’re having difficulties finding time to exercise, we’d love to have you along to ANY of our group classes where you will be made to feel welcome, and be supported by one of our experienced female trainers.




Reserve your place with our easy to use online booking system.



Do you have a Mum’s group who get together at a particular time each week but want to do some regular exercise with some friends? Are you a senior who has a group of friends who want to increase their strength and balance? Is your  workplace willing to sponsor a weekly group class session at your place of work? Private or specialised group fitness classes are available by request. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.
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Get fit, meet people, have fun, strengthen your body and feel energised!

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