Are you over fify and finding yourself feeling stiff, sore and unable to move like you want to? Join us for JOY – Just Older Youth classes.

It is just SO important to keep moving, particularly as we age – and I should know, because I’m 50!  If you don’t keep moving, your muscles atrophy, get weaker with less use, you tend to lose your balance and walk with a shorter step, which means you are then prone to falls.  Add to that brittle bones from lack of movement and exercise and you’ve got a recipe for a not-so-great situation. Here’s the thing: this can be reversed and improved!

Don’t believe me?  I have approximately 70 people I can point to who have been coming to our 55+ classes regularly and the improvement to all of them has been SIGNIFICANT to say the least.

  • Person 1 couldn’t walk up stairs without walking sideways, taking the stairs one step at a time and holding tightly onto railing – now walking up the stairs confidently and at a “normal” pace
  • Person 2 couldn’t wear closed shoes with shoelaces as couldn’t bend down to tie them (even from seated position) as was too stiff/immobile – now wearing sneakers and moving more freely
  • Person 3 couldn’t balance on one foot – can now hold one-foot balance on grass for 45 seconds
  • Person 4 couldn’t raise their arm higher than shoulder height due to stiffness & impingement – now can circle/windmill their arms freely

As you can see, these are just a few example of massive improvements we’ve seen by people coming to just two low impact classes a week. It’s not a miracle.  It’s just about consistency, training within your limits, and working with experienced trainers who have been training with an older age group for several years.

This is what JOY classes are all about!

Our JOY classes are low to moderate intensity only, focus on issues such as balance, flexibility, range of movement (the ability to raise your arm above your head, for example) and strength.

During these classes you will not be:
– dropping to the floor and doing 50 burpees.
– dropping to the floor and doing 100 push ups.

But you will have fun and meet some great like minded locals as well as improve your energy levels, balance, confidence and flexibility!

If you want to get back into exercise and are someone who wants to be surrounded by other like minded individuals who enjoy a laugh and listen to some daggy music while getting back into a fun fitness program,  come along to JOY.

Samford JOY – Mondays 8.30am, 9.30am and 10.30am*  (*note: 10.30am class is a moderate class that involves floor work/getting down onto the ground)
Arana Hills JOY – Thursdays 8.00am – All Saints Church Hall 86 Cobbity Cresent, Arana Hills
Cost: $10.00 per class, no membership fees, no contracts – for more information visit our website at:

View our current class timetable

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