Miranda Pardon

Miranda Pardon

Owner, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Unlike other colleagues in the fitness industry, I have no background in sports or fitness. I have always been very active but I have learned that active does not mean you are fit, strong or healthy.

A back injury in my early 40s was the catalyst for my own personal journey into health and fitness. To the surprise of many I have often stated that stepping off a ladder while still half a metre above ground onto a concrete floor was the best thing that could have happened to me. Although it may sound odd, this injury forced me to get my health and fitness into order which occurred over a period of years under the guidance of one of finest personal trainers in Brisbane. It was during this journey that I found my passion to want to help guide people into a stronger, fitter and healthier version of themselves.

I’m on the cusp of fifty and I’ve never felt happier, healthier, stronger or more energised. Fitness is not a one size fits all equation and the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to work out like a crazy person to achieve results. I don’t enjoy going to gyms and I certainly don’t respond well to anyone yelling or screaming at me while I am exercising, let alone pushing me until I either collapse or vomit. While I recognise that some people do like to go to boot camps and be pushed beyond their natural limits, that’s not a service that we offer at Enhance PT.

Being fit and healthy isn’t just about exercise. It’s a whole-of-life approach which needs to be balanced between what we eat, how the body works, how we think, as well as how we move and how often.

My special interest groups are:

Mums – particularly new Mums.  After a friend experienced a life changing event following her attending a HIIT class at 8 weeks post natal, I’ve become VERY passionate about Mums getting back into exercise after pregnancy SAFELY.  As a new Mum it’s not about just strapping on the sandshoes and going for a 2km run to get back into shape.  In fact this is the very last thing a new Mum should be contemplating.  New Mums need to be monitored carefully during exercise so as to avoid injury both externally and even more importantly, internally.  I am a passionate advocate for womens health, and I want to help new Mums get back into shape safely, under the supervision and guidance of a qualified Safe Return to Exercise fitness professional (that would be me!).  Mums need to feel great about their bodies, the amazing process that their bodies have been through and understand the difference between pre and post pregnancy exercising.

Seniors aged 65+ focusing on mobility, strength and flexibility improvement. I have been witness to remarkable changes in people’s abilities through incorporating simple and regular guided exercise into their lives. I am passionate about keeping our older population moving freely, living independently and living stronger (through injury prevention) for as long as possible.

Favourite quote: Happiness is not something ready-made; it comes from your actions
Favourite Food: Anything home cooked
Favourite Exercise: Games during circuits (I love to play)

Qualifications & Education
Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
Senior First Aid & CPR
SRE Accreditation – Safe Return to Exercise, pre & post natal

Leisa Whitlock

Leisa Whitlock

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Remedial Massage Therapist

I have always been active whether it be playing sport at school (softball, netball, orienteering) or involved in outside school activities such as swimming and hockey.

I’ve been playing hockey since I was six and also coached hockey for about 10 years (junior girls 13-18 year olds).

I started training with a personal trainer to improve my fitness for hockey and was intrigued by what they did so decided that I would give it a shot. I’ve now been working as a personal trainer for the last five years.

I’ve been attending pilates classes for the last two years which I really enjoy.

I love animals and occasionally do some pet sitting. In my spare time I love to read, watch TV, go to the movies and spend time with friends.

I am passionate about working with the older generation and helping them to be more mobile. It’s great to see them getting results and still being active and enjoying themselves. I also enjoy working with people who have injuries/restrictions, helping them to strengthen or work around their issues and get back to doing what they love.

I recently graduated as a remedial massage therapist. I was inspired to add to my skill set and be able to further help improve my clients’ function as well as helping people to overcome injury and muscle issues.

Favourite quote: Stay strong and be true to yourself
Favourite Food: Spaghetti bolognaise
Favourite Exercise: Walking

Qualifications & Education
Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
Senior First Aid & CPR
Accredited Pre & Post Natal Trainer
Diploma of Remedial Massage

Holly Smith

Holly Smith

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Hi, I’m Holly! For the last eight years I have had a huge passion for the health and fitness industry which has lead me to become a qualified Personal and Group Trainer. I love training busy individuals who are in need of a clear mindset and a strong healthy body so they can look good and feel good for their daily and routines.
In my childhood I was extremely active…horse riding, athletics, running, swimming, tennis, touch football, surfing…..  the list goes on. By the age of 16 I had stopped all sport, started emotional eating and became a negative person. It was two years later I decided enough was enough and it was time to put myself and my body first. I started changing and breaking the bad habits that had consumed my life. After being consistent with my exercise and diet, I lost 9kg and I haven’t looked back since!
I love going for long walks with my dogs… but my favourite type of exercise is definitely a weighted HIIT session. I love sweating! It makes me feel so good physically, mentally and emotionaly.

Favourite quote: By Creating healthy habits now, it can be much easier to turn them into a lifestyle choice later
Favourite Food: Sushi, & I have huge craving for bakery food…I am not going to lie!
Favourite Exercise:  HIIT

Qualifications & Education
Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
Senior First Aid & CPR
Accredited Pre & Post Natal Trainer

Annie Kennedy

Annie Kennedy

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & PH360 Health & Lifestyle coach

My family and I have been an active crew my whole life. We have always been involved in sports, from cricket to rock-climbing and we love the outdoors. However, in 2016 I seriously injured my back which kept me bedridden and depressed for years. Thankfully the last couple of years have been a journey of healing for me, and in them I graduated as a personal trainer and personalised health and lifestyle coach. Aside from working in fitness I am also an artist, a lifestyle photographer and a Bible teacher. I have lived all over the world as a volunteer with a non-profit and have a particular fondness for the Middle East.

Favourite quote: “Don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass.” – Anton Chekhov
(in other words, walk your talk)
Favourite food: Avocados and dark chocolate (not together though)
Favourite exercise: Rock climbing, or anything done with friends and a smile

Qualifications & Education
Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
Senior First Aid & CPR
Accredited Pre & Post Natal Trainer
PH360 health & lifestyle coach

Kirsty Reed

Kirsty Reed

Yoga Instructor

My journey with yoga began 20 years ago when I was working in a gym.

I found myself in a yoga class and felt a sense of calm and peace like I’d never experienced. From that moment I became a regular student and attended many different types of classes with different teachers as well as attending varying workshops. After being a yoga student for almost 20 years I finally made the commitment to train to become a teacher.

I am trained in Vinyasa yoga which is a flowing style of yoga aligning the movement to the breath. At times the class can feel like almost like a moving meditation. Generally a class with me will be focused on moving awareness from the mind and dropping into the body more fully. I intuitively feel into the energy of the students within each class and like to work with that energy.
My classes are suitable for all levels from a beginner to experienced as I offer variations within each pose. I am also trained as a restorative yoga teacher which allows for pure relaxation and release of held tension and stress.

There are times when I will add elements of restorative yoga into a general class. I love to share the gift of yoga and look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Qualifications & Education
Certified Yoga Instructor



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To maintain membership at Fitness Australia we are obliged to continue our professional development by completing a minimum of twenty (20) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every two years.

Your health and fitness is our responsibility and we are committed to updating and improving our knowledge base and skill sets.

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